You totally didn’t see that one coming 😉 We’re incredibly excited to officially announce that Tales of Zestiria will come out on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PC Digital! The team has been hard at work on bringing the first ever ‘Tales of’ game to PC and PS4, and we’re looking forward to launching them alongside the previously announced PS3 version.

Look forward to the PS3 and PS4 release on the 16th of October and the PC Digital will release on the 20th, with English, Spanish, French, Italian and German subtitles, and English & Japanese voice overs. The PC and PS4 versions will also include, for the first time ever, Russian subtitles! We hope our Russian fans will look forward to this new addition 🙂


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  1. CamelieMimika says:

    May I please ask who is doing the translation for Russian version?

    А можно поинтересоваться, кто делает перевод для русской версии?

  2. Thank you for all your hard work! The trailer looks really nice and I can’t stop rewatching it. I’ll end up getting the PS3 version since I have no PS4 and my laptop doesn’t handle graphics very well, but still excited to see it coming on more platforms! I wonder what the bonus content will be~ (kind of hoping for the DLC episode but with my excitement, anything will do)

  3. Mortimer-sama says:

    I think the bonuses are gonna be the 3 Mystic Artes DLC, like in the JP version, and maybe the Alisha After Episode DLC.

  4. Lex - Tales of Ambassador says:

    *heavy breathing* I’m so so so so excited !!!! Zestiria on both PS3 AND PS4, I dreamt about it but I was so sure i’d happen ! Needless to say I’ll take it on PS4 8D even if I don’t have one… yet. But soon, eh, need one for October now :3 !

    MAN I’M SO EXCITED YOU HAVE NO IDEA I LITERALLY JUST DANCED INTO MY ROOM AHAHA the screenscaps from the PC version just are sooo gorgeous already !!

  5. AHHHH finally a release date, we’ve been waiting!
    And then together with the awesome news that it will be for PS4 and PC as well! That’s really awesome and I’m definietly going to buy a PS4 for it because I think the graphics will shine even more on it! It’s a good step forwards and I’m sure a lot of people will be interested in playing the game 🙂

    The trailer is so good omg, just slight spoilers XD

  6. Though I’m happy that the “Tales of” series is getting all the love and attention it deserves, at the same time I’m kinda scared for the fact it’s coming out on PC. Due to the fact of how easy it is to pirate the game later on , on PC T.T

  7. Thanks for bringing this to the PC! To be honest, I’d much rather buy this on GOG than Steam… maybe you guys could look into that in the future? In any case, this is a Day 1 buy for me.

  8. Glad the release dates have been revealed! But do we know if there will be collector’s editions?

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