It all began on a Scarlet Night, an event that will change the fate of the world, when Velvet witnessed her younger brother be sacrificed by Artorius Collbrande. The beginning of a tale of emotion versus reason, and the quest for revenge!

Discover the origins of Tales of Berseria story in this new trailer, including gameplay sections, set on the iconic opening track “BURN” by Flow!

  1. Looking good. I’m glad to hear it’s ‘Early 2017’. I was worried it wouldn’t come out until a year after the Japanese release like Zestiria.

    I’d like to quibble about the translation of one of the lines, though. The subtitles said ‘Are you saying I’m a monster?’, but she clearly says 「悪党はお互いさまでしょう?」. Granted, I don’t know the context, but just from that I’d have translated it more along the lines of ‘And you’re not a villain?’

  2. We European Fans Tales of …. Wants Tales of Berseria on PS 3 !!!
    Dont forget Europe fans ! Dont forget PS 3 ! We count on you NamcoBandai !

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