Tales of Berseria will be out on January 27th in Europe for PS4 and STEAM! And now it’s time to announce the must-have item for the fans: the Collector’s Edition! This collector’s edition will be available for 99€ (suggested retail price, may vary depending on retailers).

It will contain:

  • Tales of Berseria game
  • The Collector’s Edition box
  • 2 Chibi Kyun characters figures (Laphicet and Velvet)
  • 6 Metal Coins
  • Exclusive Bienfu metal case (to complete your Mascots metal case collection)
  • Game soundtrack
  • Artbook
  • Starter strategy guide

The Collector’s Edition will be available in limited numbers, so make sure to pre-order as soon as possible! If they aren’t already listed, check with your local retailer or the relevant Bandai Namco Entertainment Twitter for your region!

For those who preorders in stores, two packs of goodies will be available, depending on availability, retailers and countries!

A set of 6 badges:


A metal keychain:


What do you think of all these goodies? Tell us in the comments!

  1. It’s not a bad CE but I don’t think I’ll be picking it up.
    I love steelbook cases but I’m not fond of the mascot ones, the Xillia 2 Day One steelbook is exactly the type I want more of.
    Why are we getting the strategy guide and not the novel included in the US version? I’d gladly make that swap.
    The coins look great but I think I’ll just go for the keychain.

  2. I’m left disappointed again. I had hoped after you guys nailed Zesteria’s CE we’d be past the US editions majorly outshining the EU editions.

    Why did the EU not get the novel? Surely that was the best thing which could have been included. Its certainly on a par with the mini figures. A small softback artbook replacement really doesn’t cut it.

    And please stop calling the CD included a ‘soundtrack’. It makes it sound like people are getting a proper OST when really its just a sound selection. (In fact at this price a full OST included would have been super)

    The coins are a fair trade for the keyrings, I have no complaint there. But the cards have disappeared? Not that they were a big deal.

    It just looks like everything included, aside from the two mini figures are preorder bonus quality. I don’t mind paying out for collectors editions games but I want to feel like I’m getting something worthwhile 🙁 Two mini-figures for £100 is not hitting the spot. Zestiria had 4 mini figures, Xillia 2 had a decent artbook and a Banpresto statue. Symphonia had a novel! (Even if the EU copy was softback and not in colour). Its so frustrating because I love collecting Tales merch and games but I always feel so ripped off when I see your CEs. Come on guys, I know you can do better 🙁

  3. @ HappySkwid

    Have to agree 100%, this and also Sword Art Online CE and Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 – does Bandai Namco care about its’ EU fans? This is also not the first time as well as you noted where we get inferior versions of the Tales of CE and it’s very annoying. Getting to the point where I am getting tried of being annoyed. To safe the frustration I will wait till any Bandai Namco games goes bargain bin as it honestly does not deserves my attention and my money better spent elsewhere. .

    Also like to add why do we ALWAYS get a metalcase which is a lower quality compared to steelbooks.

  4. Also disappointed. Comparing to the US version – this looks like a leftover. Especially without the novel book…

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