Dear Tales of fans,

Today, we have A LOT of news to share with you! The western release of Tales of Berseria is drawing near and the hype is hard to contain!

First and foremost, you can now preorder the game on STEAM! Check it out, preorder or add it to your wishlist and join the discussions on the forums with other fans. There are, of course, bonuses for preordering the game on STEAM:

  • If you own Tales of Symphonia or Tales of Zestiria on STEAM, you will get a 10% discount on Tales of Berseria
  • By preordering the game, you will unlock a 15 minute Skit Video (available outside of the game on STEAM)

And yes, it will support 60 FPS 😉

PS4 fans, we haven’t forgotten you! The PlayStation Store page will be opening very soon so stay tuned to @TalesofU on Twitter: we will notify you as soon as it’s available! However we can already tell you what you will get for preordering the game on PS4:

  • An exclusive theme featuring the characters of Tales of Berseria
  • A 15 minute Skit Video
  • 3 soundtracks from the game

That’s not all! We are thrilled to confirm that a demo will be available for both STEAM and PS4 on January 10th!

And before we go, many of you have been asking for footage of the English voice-over for a long time. Without further ado, enjoy cutscenes from the beginning of the game in English, recorded on the PC version. WARNING: this video contains spoilers, watch at your own risk!

  1. The english voice cast sound awesome, once again! Good to see you guys are sticking with the quality of the voice actors.

    Also love how you guys took the feedback and made it 60 FPS. :p

    Is it only possible to get the theme by pre-ordering digital? Will it be sold later? Or maybe even more themes/avatars to come?! Have my CE pre-ordered and would hate to miss out on a cool theme, just cause I don’t buy digital 😐

    The hype is so unreal! 😀

  2. Can you get the aforementioned keyrings or badge set preorder bonuses for preordering a physical copy of the game online from a store like Amazon? What websites and shops will offer the bonuses?

    Secondly, will the censorship of that scene with Laphicet and Artorius be there in only the PC version? Or will it apply to the PS4 too? Will the altered scene happen in just the English audio version?

  3. I am more hyped for the game. Instant day one purchase for me. Should I get the standard copy or the collector’s edition. Can’t wait for the demo as well.

  4. Kimundi - Community Manager says:

    We read about your concerns regarding some changes between the Japanese and the Western versions of Tales of Berseria, the next game from the Tales Of series to be released on January 27th 2017 on Playstation 4 and PC.

    In the western game footage released on December 8th (, you discovered a scene that has been reworked compared to the original Japanese game.

    As a company, Bandai Namco Entertainment has to follow the regional regulations regarding video games content to allow the games to be released with appropriate rating. The violence depicted in the original Japanese scene in Tales of Berseria would not allow us to keep our current 16 rating. A major change in our rating wouldn’t have allowed to share the game with as many fans as we’d like and it would have prevented us many opportunities to show the game on social networks, websites and even during events. Therefore, instead of deleting the sequence, we decided to rework a portion of the scene to keep its importance in the story. We’ve ensured its impact in the story is the same. Even if the exact actions are different, their consequences are exactly the same: the defining moment changing Velvet’s Story and opposing her to Arthur Collbrande, the moment it becomes a tale of emotions versus reason. We made this modification out of necessity, be sure of that.

    You may have read in an interview that we had promised not to censor the game in the West. The statement applied only to the Velvet’s outfit at the time, and we did our best to keep the game as close to the Japanese version as possible.

    This is the only scene which has been altered from the Japanese version of the game. Everything else is exactly the same as the Japanese version including costume designs which you will be able to see for yourself once we release the demo on January 10th.

  5. So, if I preordered the physical edition on Amazon, I won’t get the PSN theme?
    This sucks. Why do games always have exclusive digital themes? What’s the point of even preordering the standard physical one?

    I might as well just cancel it and get it on sale.

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