It’s time to reveal more surprises for all you Tales fans to celebrate the Series’ 20th Anniversary! Are you ready?

You have asked countless times and now we’re excited to reveal the Tales of Zestiria Collector’s Edition! These very limited Collector’s Editions are packed with a lot of content where not only will you get the game, you’ll also get:

  • 4 Chibi Kyun Chara figures
  • Lady of the Lake sanctuary cloth artwork
  • Hardback artbook
  • 30 minute anime DVD
  • Selected soundtrack from the game
  • Exclusive Normin metalcase
  • Collector’s Edition box


Regardless whether you get the Collector’s Edition or the Standard edition, you can get free bonus Exclusive Mystic Arte DLC for Mikleo, Lailah and Alisha! Also if you get the game on launch, you can get yourself an additional chapter featuring Alisha’s Story for FREE for a limited time! Guarantee yours when the game is out by visiting



At participating retailers in selected countries, you can get 4 badges to show that you are ready to take on the journey of the Shepherd (or to show off the incredibly adorable yet mysterious Normin).


Through preordering at participating retailers in participating countries as well as digital stores, you can get classic Tales costumes and Weapon Skins! Can you name them all?


We’re proud to reveal that Tales of Symphonia HD will be coming to PC Digital! This will be based off the HD version released last year and will be hitting digital shelves in 2016!

Finally, the pre-purchase bonus for Tales of Zestiria on STEAM will depend on the number of pre-orders! Once the pre-purchase reaches a certain milestone, bonus content will be made available for all users where the final step is Tales of Symphonia HD is given to all STEAM pre-purchasers!


That’s all for now! Don’t forget to follow us on @TalesOfU to stay up to date with the Tales of Ambassador Finals taking place at Japan Expo!

  1. It is a bit of a shame that there is no regular case in the collectors edition. Will the anime be dubbed or just subbed?
    Great stuff otherwise! But I had hoped you had put the Alicia dlc on tge dfisc here in west. But I’m there day one either way, like always with Tales. 🙂
    Hope my retailer will get the cameo skins.

  2. Isshak - Community Manager says:

    @yakuza There is a regular case in the CE 😀 and the anime will be both dubbed in English and Japanese, with subs in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian and German!

  3. animeblog_de says:

    Great announcements! Looking really forward to Zestiria 😀

    Two questions regarding Zestiria’s Collector’s Edition:
    1. I think it’s great that you could include the ufotable anime-OVA, but why a DVD instead of a Bluray? Every buyer has a PS4, so everyone can play back a Blurays.
    2. Wouldn’t it have been easier to just include the DLC-PSN codes like you did for previous releases? Using the VIP corner offers no obvious advantage and only complicates the process. Also will those DLC’s cost any points?

  4. @Isshak: Ohh, well that is wonderful news then! =D
    I thought there wasn’t one since it wasn’t shown on the photo. Might add that as a point on the bullet list for the CE? =)

  5. animeblog_de says:

    Also let me take this chance and thank Bandai Namco, the Japanese Tales of team and the European Social Team for always listening to their fans and making this an awesome release with dual-audio, a Collector’s Edition and a PS4 version. And the icing on the cake is giving us the Alisha-DLC for free. So let me say: thank you 😀

    As someone who was really bummed out that we didn’t get to hear Miyuki Sawashiro in Tales of Xillia I’m more than happy that we won’t have to deal with this issue again and all fans can enjoy every new Tales of, no matter whether they prefer English or Japanese voice acting. So once again, thank you!

  6. Symphonia on PC!? And potentially for free by pre-ordering Zesteria!? You guys rock! I was going to get Zesteria on PS4 but now I am very seriously considering changing my mind 😛 It does mean I’ll miss out on the sweet collector’s edition though :/

    P.S Will Symphonia on PC be able to run at 60fps (like the Gamecube version was) or will it be locked to 30fps (like the PS3 HD version was)?

  7. This looks good.
    Am I right in guessing that the Classic Costume & Weapon Skin DLC will be made available to buy separately some time after release to those unable to pre-order the version they come with? I really want the CE but the costumes are always a big draw to the series for me so I don’t want to miss any.

    It does sadden me a little that the anime special is only on DVD since it’s done by Ufotable and their animation begs to be seen in HD, but the fact we’ll get it at all is awesome.

  8. Honest question here; Did you make it so that one can play as Alisha throughout the game? Like a Narikiri doll or something?

  9. The Collector’s ED looks really nice! I can really see you’ve put a lot of effort in making it, even adding the anime special. Thank you!

    I’m glad the preorder bonus contains Alisha’s DLC and the Mystic Artes! Looking forward the game even more than before~ Also hoping Amazon offers the Tales costumes DLC in my country, I think Sorey, Mikleo and Edna look great in their costumes! But the badges would be nice too, I’d carry them with me everywhere.

  10. SkarletFantasy says:

    Omg this looks freakin amazing. (I’m assuming the US will also be getting one)
    Why doesn’t the CE come with the DLC costumes too though? (I’m a sucker for preorder DLC costumes)
    BTW, I’m guessing that there will be a PS3 and PS4 collector’s edition… or is it PS4 only for the CE?

    I’m considering preordering on Steam as well to help reach all the milestones, but we’ll see what my wallet thinks after preordering the CE haha (how awesome would it be if the ToS milestone was reached though)

  11. @Cael Of course not… this is a localized release, not an enhanced port with new content and mechanics

  12. Collectors Edition looks awesome, was wondering if any info about the UK release/retailer options will be included in the upcoming announcements?

    I want the Cameo Costumes + Weapons so bad
    Excited for October !

  13. That’s worth the Yuri costume alone. Also ps4 or steam remake of vesperia? Maybe xbox one compatibility?

  14. I agree with animeblog_de a 100%^^
    This release is really awesome. I’m so glad about dual audio and the PS4 version. This CE looks really good.
    Maybe Bamco is trying a similar strategy with the VIP thing here in europe like in japan, ’cause the japanese dlc was available through the Tales Channel+. I can only guess.

  15. RootBeerKing says:

    Well damn, now I need to buy the game twice, once on the PC so I can play it, and once for the Collector’s Edition for all the fun bonus items… Why can’t PC get the Collector’s Edition too? I’m not made of money, Namco!

    I know this is the EU version of it but there’s a good chance most/if not all will be in the US version too and I’m just!!! SO HAPPY ABOUT THE ARTBOOK, THE FIGURES AND THE OVA!! I’ve had my eye on those figures since the Lalabit Market reveal ; ; Thank you for your hard work for us! Thank you so so much!

    Also one question, is the pixel charms that came with the Japanese release out of the question for ever coming with the western release of the game?

  17. I’m very disappointed that there doesn’t seem to be a PS3 CE coming to North America. That’s the only version I can get at, and I was hoping we’d get it if Europe did…

  18. Ok, I really want to know why the anime ova is only 30 mins??? I mean it’s 40 mins at least. Mistake on your part? And it was not possible to bring it on blu-ray like the US CE did? I mean I can live with it, but than the CE could have been perfect in my eyes. It’s the only part where the US CE is better than ours, in my opinion. It’s such a pitty. But seriously, what is this about the 30 mins only? It’s bugging me :/

  19. Lex - Tales of Ambassador says:

    Seidh > we’ll get the full OVA, so don’t worry

    Personally I’m thrilled by this collector edition !! It’s all I wanted and even more omg. SO HAPPY <3333

  20. Was hoping for a bluray too – seems to me that the US got another better edition compared to Europe.again (although not as bad as the symphonia CE)

    Have you guys announced where we can pre-order yet – the US is up for pre-order but Europe is still behind

  21. Yeah, I guess it would be strange if we didn’t. But you never know. Better safe than sorry;)
    I’m still pretty much excited^^

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