Hey, this is Pelagir and Shiina from the German “Tales of” community! If you attend various anime and manga events frequently you probably have heard of or even participated in contests organized by us at Cosday² Frankfurt.


This year we leave the usual way of doing gameplay oriented contests and start the fourth round with a fan booth along with a change of the location!

At our booth at Dokomi 2016 we want to introduce you to fan-art from very talented artists, cosplay photos and, of course, official “Tales of” displays showcasing the magazines and game guides.

However, interactive exchange is still our main focus thus we offer varied mini games and a contest.

Highlight of our program is our “Tales of”-like treasure hunt on Saturday (30/4) from 3pm to 5pm where you can win really cool prizes (registration will be necessary because of a limited number of participants).

If you plan to attend Dokimi 2016 (30/4 – 1/5) let’s meet at our booth FP12 next to the cosplay stage.

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