Hey guys! Abby here from Abyssal Chronicles. It’s only a few weeks until the release of Tales of Zestiria! To celebrate, we over at Abyssal Chronicles are holding a big, big contest everyone can participate in! Presenting, “Tales of Melodies!”

This time around, participants are tasked to listen to the 5 minute medley above of various Tales songs and identify from which game each snippet comes from. The entire medley is made up of 30 songs from different mothership titles up to Zestiria. Points are also given to those who can identify the name of the song being played, maxing the allowable points at 60. Transitions between snippets are obvious, so don’t worry about finding it too hard to distinguish.

We have a ton of prizes to give away! As an example, here’s our Grand Prize!


(1) Tales of Zestiria PS4 Collector’s Edition (US Version)
(1) Tales of 20th Anniversary Ichiban Kuji Poster
(1) Tales of 20th Anniversary Ichiban Kuji Chibi Kyun Chara Memorial Cake Figure
(1) Tales of 20th Anniversary Ichiban Kuji Sorey and Mikleo Strap
(1) Tales of Zestiria Metal Brooch from Japan Expo 2015 (provided by Bandai Namco Europe)
(1) Tales of 20th Anniversary T-Shirt from Japan Expo 2015 (purchased from Bandai Namco Europe)
(1) Tales of Zestiria PC Steam Code (provided by Bandai Namco Europe)

We have a total of 5 tiers of prizes with a whole lot more to give away! So head on over to http://po.st/ACZestiriaContest for the full details, prizes and mechanics on how to enter! Despite some of the prizes, this contest is open to anyone in the world!

Extending a big thanks to Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe and community manager Isshak for helping us out bigtime in this pool of prizes! Thank you so much, don’t stop being awesome!

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