Hi there! I’m Lex, the current Tales of Ambassador! But not for very much longer: registration for the next election start TONIGHT 12th of June at 9:00pm Central European Summer Time SHARP! There are only 20 slots for this contest, and they’ll fill pretty fast : so don’t wait up ! Register at 9pm, and no later ! How to do that ? Please find a small guide below 🙂 

How to register for the Tales of Ambassador context at Japan Expo ?

First, go to this website : http://en.inscription.epic-asso.com/ and create an account! You should get your ‘please click here to confirm your account’ email very very quickly (under a few minutes), if it’s not the case please try again or email the EPIC staff. Once your account is done, log in on the website, then proceed to the “Contest” page (here ! http://en.inscription.epic-asso.com/contest/list)

Click on “Election de l’ambassadeur Tales of – Tales of Ambassador election” (third one on the list) and start preparing your registration! You can do that at anytime, so I highly suggest you to do it BEFORE 9pm. At 9:00, you must only click on ‘send!’ 😉

First, read all the rules : it’s very important.
For example : No prefabricated or commissioned costume can enter the contest. Only homemade costumes are eligible. <- very important. You can get help from your family, but you can’t buy or ask someone else to sew your cosplay for you.

Here is what you’ll need :
– For your registration to be considered complete, we’ll need
• the registration form to be duly filled out;
• a picture of the character(s) you are cosplaying
• a working audio file. (1 minute max)

Beware: the picture of the character must be from official work, and you can edit your picture so you have like 5 different pics on the same one, if you want.
Your audio file can be shorter than 1 minute, but you NEED one (no live mic allowed) and if it’s even 1 second too long, your registration will be canceled. So 1:01 audio file = NOT GOOD ! Beware !

Click on “SOLO” and start filling in :
Series: complete name of the Tales of games chosen. Example : “Tales of Graces f”
Character: name of your cosplayed character, you can either choose a complete name of short name if you want (example : “Jude Mathis” or “Jude”). I still suggest you put the full name if your character have one!
First contest ? : it’s it not something that will put you below than others (on the contrary !). If it’s your first contest, judges will take it into consideration, in the good way. Just check the box 😉 ! (Amaze us with a wonderful first cosplay, my first one was SO CRAPPY HAHA)
Personal creation ? : here it’s NOT ALLOWED so check no. If you’re cosplaying a fanart, I suggest you change, this is not allowed. Official DLC or alternate outfits are 100% OK though !!
Media of your skit : upload an MP3 here. Remember: no longer than 1:00:00 minute! The name of your audio doesn’t matter.

Reference Image : please chose a reference pic where we can CLEARLY see the costume. It helps a lot! The name of your pic doesn’t matter.

Describe your props and weapons (All of your props.) : basically, just explain everything you’ll have on stage (a doll, a basket, a table, a chair, a bagpack, anything!), and if you build a weapon explain what material you used and if you made it yourself. Be careful : if it’s too heavy and too hard, your weapon won’t be allowed into the event ! Do hesitate to ASK if this box if you weapon is ok, by descriving it as detailed as possible.

Then click “Validate” and wait for 8:59pm to be on the starting blocks to send your registration!!

If you pass the first and second round of the election you’ll have to answer to 3 questions about you & the series. I very highly suggest your prepare them before, at least in your head : you’ll have very little time to answer questions you’ll probably could speak about for half an hour. This will help you out 😛

I think that is all, if you have any question please ask in the comments below :3 I’ll answer them. And please share this post so everyone can read it !


  1. Lex - Tales of Ambassador says:

    Don’t be nervous xDD !! This is supposed to help relieve part of the stress haha ! You’ll be fine <333

  2. Waiting for validation now <333
    Thanks for posting the registration procedure again Lex ^^ It was helpful to have all the information in one spot! I hope that everyone who wanted to participate got the chance to send his/her registration and gets to enter the contest!

  3. Thanks a lot for your guide Lex, it was really helpful! It was really fun to do my recording last night ah ah. xD
    I only have one question for you : I filled the registration and sent my picture and recording, after that I confirmed my registration, and now it is written “Registration to be validated”. Is that normal, or did I miss something?

  4. Lex - Tales of Ambassador says:

    AsbelGrants > yes it is normal ! “Registration to be validated” means your registration is now complete, and awaiting validation from the EPIC team. This should take a least a week a believe because there is a looot of registrations to validate for Japan Expo ! It might take a longer than a week just like it can be way faster too, but just so you know don’t expect a validation in 24 or 48 hours ^^.
    Once it’s validated it’ll means your registration is 100% complete and ready and you’ll go on stage on Contest Day ^^

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